Valutazioni del Milan-Monza: Florenzi mostra versatilità, molte idee da Reijnders. Caldirola commette errori, Mota poco incisivo.

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Reijnders celebrates after the goal
Promoted and failed of the Meazza challenge won by the rossoneri 3 to 0
6.5 Maignan Almost unengaged for half an hour and more. Gattuso-like on Colpani in the second half. A so-so exit in the end.
6.5 Tomori In the three-man defense, he plays initially on the center-right and then on the center-left: ecumenically attentive.
6.5 Kjaer Reappears after 52 days as the director of the defense, showing the necessary closures. From the 22nd minute Bartesaghi 6: continues his apprenticeship, with a physiological slip-up.

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