Mourinho si scontra con Kvaratskhelia, poi si riconciliano: cosa è accaduto

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Mourinho e Kvaratskhelia (immagini da Dazn)
Dopo aver ammonito Cristante, José si è arrabbiato con il georgiano: “Basta!”. Poi l’abbraccio.
“Enough, enough”. Almost like a prayer. That’s what Mourinho said to Kvaratskhelia, who confronted each other in front of the Roma bench at 40′ of the first half. The reason? A foul suffered by the Georgian, right in front of the Special One’s eyes. Cristante puts pressure on him and Napoli’s number 77 goes down. At least according to Mou, who explodes in a vehement protest towards referee Colombo (who gives him a yellow card) and then admonishes the Napoli player. The fall was too theatrical, repeated several times in the first half. From there, the request to stop and a long discussion between the two. First the shouts of the Portuguese, then Kvaratskhelia’s response. He first tries to move away, but then stops and continues the discussion with Mourinho. A face-to-face that lasted a minute and ended with a slap on the face by the Portuguese and a hug.

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