Monza contro Roma finisce 1-4, le valutazioni dei giocatori: Dybala impressiona, Lukaku finalmente segna. Tra i giocatori di casa, solo i due Carboni si distinguono.

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De Rossi has assembled a beautiful and strong team. Pellegrini and Paredes are precious. De Rossi’s tactics have been effective thus far, with key players like Pellegrini making important contributions on the field. Birindelli has also been a crucial figure, acting as a strategic point where Monza’s gameplay flows and comes to a halt when needed. On the other hand, Marì has struggled with soft marking and often finds himself out of position, impacting the team’s defensive stability. Caldirola, stepping in due to D’Ambrosio’s injury and Izzo’s suspension, has faced challenges and made some costly mistakes during the matches. Despite these ups and downs, the team continues to push forward under De Rossi’s guidance, showing resilience and determination in difficult situations.

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