Il rifiuto di Conte sconvolge i dem Guerini: “Votare da persone non responsabili”.

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Lorenzo De Cicco
ROMA – Nicola Fratoianni had tried early in the morning to suggest a way out to the partners of the former camp: “Let’s leave the room, all together.” But as much as the secretary of the Italian Left was animated by good intentions, that is, to preserve the unity of the opposition, at least in appearance, the proposal fell sadly into the void. The will of the majority of the Democratic Party and the leader of the 5 Stars, Giuseppe Conte, to put their positions on the Mes on record was too strong. Even if diametrically opposed. Therefore, the minorities voted more divided than even the right. The political weight and the media impact, given the roles, obviously make less noise than the tantrums in the majority. But in the tally of Montecitorio, it goes like this: the Democratic Party, with Action, Italia Viva, and +Europe, says yes to ratification. The 5 Stars vote against. The Greens and the Left abstain.
Schlein was in the Chamber, but did not intervene. She entrusted the matter to one of the most authoritative Europeanist representatives, Enzo Amendola, who is very close to Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni. “On the right, you are only united for power, but this is not how politics is done,” said the former minister, who then anticipated Schlein’s request for Giorgetti’s resignation. Three hours after the vote, after the Christmas toast at Nazareno and a coffee with former secretary Maurizio Martina, Schlein attacked Meloni and Salvini’s “little revenge” after the flop on the stability pact, managed with “carelessness.” “To ratify the Mes – she pointed out – is different from activating it.”
Conte, on the other hand, opted for a show in the Chamber. Personal intervention, decibels at maximum volume, subtitles on the verge of madness. The occasion was too tempting to target Meloni again, after the fax and grand jury case. The former prime minister confirmed his “no vote,” joking about the “package logic,” which he and Meloni proposed, but on which the premier failed. Although in the air, the 5 Stars’ no vote reignites tensions on the left. The reformists of the Democratic Party do not appreciate it: Lorenzo Guerini, in response to a user’s question about the vote of the main ally, replied: “This vote unites the irresponsible.” A position shared by others. But Schlein surfs on the controversies. She ventures a comparison: just as the right governs, despite being divided on various subjects, so can the left. “There are differences within the majority, and no one doubts that they can govern together. Why should these differences prevent us from building alliances?” The leader of the Democratic Party, more than a unifying figure, says with a smile that she feels “federalist”.

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