Il governo fissa la fiducia al Senato per il 21 dicembre riguardo alla manovra. Tuttavia, le opposizioni si uniscono e si oppongono fermamente.

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L’esecutivo mira a ottenere il via libera definitivo di Palazzo Madama entro la mattina del 22. Pd e Iv: “Non c’è accordo, metodo inaccettabile”
ROMA – Question of calendar. Or rather, calendars that do not coincide. Here is the unknown that holds back the maneuver in the Senate. Government and opposition against each other. The latest clash ignites over timing. The executive is willing to extend the examination in Palazzo Madama, to meet the demands of the Pd, M5S, Italia Viva and Avs, who ask to discuss their amendments in the Budget Committee.
But the executive’s opening is not unlimited. It has a deadline: December 21st. This is the date set for the vote of confidence in the chamber. The following day, the 22nd, the hemicycle reconvenes in the morning to give the green light to the variation note and the tables, with the final yes to seal the first green light of the Parliament.
But the timetable crashes against the wall of opposition. Pd and Iv are against it. “As far as we are concerned, there is no agreement,” says the Democratic Party group leader in the Budget Committee, Daniele Manca. The accusation against the government: “They continue to follow a path that is neither transparent nor clear: proposing to vote for confidence on the 21st and then the tables on the 22nd is something that has never been seen before.” “There is no agreement neither on the merits nor on the method,” adds Iv senator Raffaella Paita.
The minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, defends the government’s choice: “We do not intend to suffocate the time available to the opposition as long as it does not become a will to constantly postpone the start of the voting discussion. We cannot accept this.” But a few minutes later, it is the Democratic Party group leader, Francesco Boccia, who replies: “There is cause for astonishment in reading Minister Ciriani’s statements: the blame for the delays certainly does not lie with the opposition.”
The malaise grows during a long meeting in Palazzo Madama between the government and the majority and opposition group leaders. A two-round confrontation. The first dedicated to the “treasure” of 100 million euros for changes to the budget law. The second, on the other hand, concerns timing.
The two issues intersect. The stamp on the distribution of parliamentary wealth, which will allocate 60 million to the majority and 40 to the opposition, would contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere in the committee, where the opposition has submitted over two thousand amendments.
Just yesterday, the 5-star group leader, Stefano Patuanelli, accused the government of absorbing 123 million euros, an amount higher than that of the “treasure,” with the 17 amendments presented by the majority rapporteurs.
The hottest challenge, as mentioned, is about the calendar. For the government, obtaining confidence on December 21st, in the evening, is crucial. That day, in fact, the year-end press conference of the premier is scheduled. On the other hand, forcing the government to reach the 23rd would represent an important point for the opposition.
And then there’s the final passage to the Chamber. The executive aims to send the text to Montecitorio on December 23rd, and then close by December 29th-30th. Tight deadlines, to avoid the psychological ghost of the maneuver being approved on the brink of temporary exercise.

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