Acquisti su Internet: la Polizia Postale ti offre 5 suggerimenti per fare acquisti in modo sicuro.

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Prevention and information for citizens. Here are the basic rules to follow to avoid scams when conducting a private online transaction.
Since the pandemic, we have witnessed a huge growth, in terms of volume, of online purchases. Simple, convenient, fast: we have shown a particular appreciation for online trading. But if the number of online purchases increases, so does the number of potential scams, towards which we are called to pay more and more attention, especially during boom periods (discount periods, Christmas and holidays in general), in general transactions but also among individuals. This is why the Postal and Communications Police and Subito, the leading platform in Italy for convenient and sustainable trading, have published some prevention and information tips for citizens: the “5 tips for online purchases” among private individuals, to make distance purchases safely. A few simple rules to follow that cover the entire purchasing process, from the moment of searching and choosing the item to contacting the seller, to receiving the purchased item.
“We do a lot to make Subito a safe place, but as the leader of private trading in Italy, we also have the responsibility to help our users make informed decisions,” said Massimiliano Dotti, Customer Experience Director of Subito. “In this regard, collaboration with the Postal Police is crucial for us, especially in terms of prevention and information. Every day, 2.5 million Italians use us for their purchases, and it is essential to provide them with a platform where they can buy and sell safely. This is why we have introduced the TuttoSubito service, which integrates payment and shipping on the platform, for a service that shortens distances, increases security, and protects both the seller and the buyer.”
Returning to the 5 rules, first of all, it is important to gather information about what you want to buy, and to do so, three aspects must be taken into consideration: the price (which should always be compared with that of other similar ads), the images (prefer ads with clear and detailed photos), and the description (choose ads that are written in a clear and well-structured manner, providing all the necessary information). The second rule is to always contact the advertiser using the official platform chat, which guarantees greater security and protection. Therefore, be wary of those who insist on being contacted via email or other chat platforms. To protect personal and sensitive data, it is necessary to choose and provide only the information that is truly necessary for the transaction and to stay within the platform, without following external links that are not secure.
The fourth rule is to always choose official payment and shipping systems, integrated into the purchase process through the platform or app. In this way, everything will always be fully tracked and managed securely (for example, the money will be withheld by the platform and sent to the seller only after the user has confirmed receipt of the item). Finally, it is important to consider the opinions of other users and give our own feedback. It is advisable to prefer deals with users who have been positively evaluated and to collaborate ourselves, through a review, in making the trading platform safer and more connected.
Subito delves into the topic on various pages of its website and also makes this prevention initiative an interactive process, asking the user the question “Do you know how to protect yourself from online scams?” and offering two quizzes, one for sellers and one for buyers.

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